Wedding SOS Kit: The Complete Guide

21 Feb 2020

It is good to be prepared...

Nobody likes to imagine that anything will go wrong on their big day. Your dream day should always be as close to perfect as possible! However, there are some things that are unavoidable, which may seem small to think about now - but when it comes to it, you may find it impacting your day more than you can imagine.

We believe that it's important to be prepared for as many bumps in the road as possible, which is why our on-the-day-coordinator is onhand throughout the day to ensure things run smoothly and that nothing is forgotten. But, there's something you can do before the big day to help minimise any problems that may arise.

In one of our previous posts, we shared some of our favourite DIY goodies to help share the love on your big day, which included the Bride SOS kit - also known as The Wedding Day Emergency Kit! We believe that this sort of kit deserves it's very own post, so today we thought we'd share some things you should include to help tackle the big day!

A Mini Sewing Kit

If needed on the big day, a sewing kit will very quickly become your best friend!

After months of searching for the right attire for your big day, it can be heartwrenching to see something is not quite right with it when it comes to celebrating. Nobody can really prepare you to face all the elements that'll come with your wedding, so having a sewing kit to help with snags, tears or any loose threads will be a life saviour! Trust us!

Your sewing kit doesn't have to be anything special; it just needs to include the basics. We suggest including:
- A small pair of scissors
- Sewing needles
- Safety pins
- Hem tape
- Threads of different colours (for you and your bridesmaids and groomsmen)

All of these will play an important role if needed to patch anything up and you can be rest assured that you and your outfit will be flawless for those important photos.

Hair Tools and Accessories

With photos being taken indoors and outdoors, hugging family members and guest, veils, headpieces and sweat, you're going to need some hair support on the go. Keeping everything in place will be easy if you add some essential hair tools and accessories to your SOS kit.

Not only should you pack bobby pins, hair ties and clips just in case, but you should also make sure there is a comb, brush and plenty of hairspray to keep things as perfect as possible throughout the event.

Makeup for Touch Ups

Weddings are full of celebration and are a heavily social event. Sometimes, your make-up can take a hit because of this. Drinking from a glass can rub your lipstick, those happy tears can ruin your mascara and those pre-wedding jitters may cause your foundation to crack...

Touch-ups are something a lot of people do on the daily, whether it's before a meeting or as you head out the door for the school run. Don't let your wedding be any different! Having your essentials onhand throughout the big day will allow you to do a touch-up whenever you want.

We suggest including:
- Lipstick
- Mascara
- Eyeliner
- Powder Foundation
- Liquid Foundation

All of these things (apart from the powder foundation) have the ability to smudge, so keeping them on hand will keep you photo-ready.

Perfume and Deodorant

Smelling good is important, but making your scent last the entire night can be a little difficult. By having your perfume and deodorant packed and ready for whenever you need will not only make you smell great but feel great too!

We've worked with brides in the past who have worn the perfume they wore on their first date with their groom, and we couldn't help but have some tears when he noticed...

Clear Nail varnish

No, we don't mean for painting your nails...

Using clear nail varnish to stop runs in nylons and tights has been an old trick since we can remember. Putting a coat on a tear, as soon as you find it, will prevent tights from running further.


With food, drink, kissing and a lot of talking, you'll want to be keeping your mouth minty fresh! There are many intimate moments that take place at a wedding, so it's important to keep your breath fresh and clean. Having mints on hand will guarantee this!

Water and Snacks

Now, we're not saying nibble on your favourite bar of chocolate during the ceremony (but your choice - whatever floats your boat!), but with so much going on it's important to stay on top of your sugar levels - especially with those pre-wedding jitters and nerves.

We know you won't want to get full before the ceremony, but having a small food item on hand will be a saving grace when you're getting hungry, stopping you from worrying about fainting or feeling sick before, or even during, the ceremony! Having water in your SOS kit, will also help keep you hydrated, too.

Painkillers, Plasters and Tissues

If you like to be prepared, there's a chance you'll already have these in your handbag or in your car. Sniffles, aches and pains can creep up whenever they please, and it'll always be when you least expect it.

Having painkillers handy will help tackle any aches and pains that may arise during the event, whilst plasters come in handy for blisters, cuts and bumps that may appear!

And of course, tissues not only help with cold sniffles but they'll be your saving grace for those happy tears.

Get Creative

Every event is different, and there may be necessities you need that someone else might not. Remember you can make your SOS kit your own, including how you choose to store it all. Whether it's a makeup bag or tote bag, you can really make the exterior of your kit your own. We're not saying you have to have a bag next to your side at all times, but keep your kit somewhere safe in your venue, for you to retreat to if you need anything.

We Can Help

We believe it's always great to be prepared, which is why our team always strive to bring something unforgettable to your big day, whilst also being aware of the risks and any potential issues that might pop up.

Get your consultation today by filling out a contact form or email to begin building your bespoke package.