Your Own Winter Wonderland

28 Aug 2019

Making your own magic...

This bank holiday weekend was certainly a hot one. Though we're all lovers for summer, we couldn't help but think of the crisp autumn days and the cold winter nights to come. Over the summer, we've talked a lot about things you can do to ensure your summer event stays cool, and we've even talked about our favourite summer last-minute must-haves for any event. However, what if you want to bring your own little piece of winter into the remaining summer days?

Using our lighting and decor, we can help transform any venue into your own little winter wonderland! Not only is this ideal for when you want to bring a bit of winter into any other season, but it also works great in winter itself! Winter is truly magical, and there's no denying that events don't stop for the cold nights and frosty evenings, but with your own winter wonderland, you can have all of the winter magic inside! Meaning you can control the temperature and weather whilst enjoying your big day!

So, how do we do it? By using lighting and decoration! Our lighting specialists can create your very own atmospheric and magical lighting set up, designed to work with your chosen venue. We'll use uplighters to add ambience, giving the room a general glow (with a range of colours to choose from, if you feel like spicing it up!), whilst utilising twinkling fairy lights to add to the magic. We'll also work with you, hearing your thoughts for decoration before utilising our expertise to design and deliver your very own winter wonderland.

And with a range of extras to add, like our snow machines and themed bars, you and your guests can really immerse in the winter magic!

From consultation to creation, our team are hands-on from the minute we meet with each of our clients, delving into every product to deliver a bespoke and beautiful event. Get in touch today to find out more or email to begin building your bespoke package.