The Pros of A Village Hall Wedding

06 Mar 2020

The number of wedding venues has risen...

Fortunately, as time has passed, more and more venues are being considered as 'wedding venues'. From libraries (yes, we've all seen Sex in The City: The Movie) to hotels, there are a lot of commercial properties now offering weddings on their services. Hiring a space has never been easier! Gone are the days of being refined to your local church, you can now get married in a garden of a luxurious house you found on Air B&B. Yes, we know not every single one has a wedding license, but that hasn't stopped the celebrations and the celebrants.

However, there is one venue that, though not forgotten, has definitely slipped under the radar for some. And that is: the local village hall.

Celebrating a wedding in a village hall isn't unknown. In fact, it's one of the more common wedding venues out there. However, with so many venues now offering their space as a wedding space, village hall weddings can sometimes be forgotten with a lot of halls not even being considered when happy couples make their wedding list.

We've worked with a variety of different village halls locally, and a little further, and absolutely love the finished product. Which is why today, we've decided to talk about the pros of a village hall wedding!

A Relaxed Atmosphere

The general atmosphere for the big day is a huge factor for some. Though some couples would prefer to lean towards a more formal and sophisticated look, others opt for a more relaxed and informal vibe. With a village hall, you do can really make it feel relaxed, informal and incredibly casual.

Personal Touches

As opposed to hotels and other venues, village halls are used for a large variety of different events, applications and purposes. Because of this, they may appear a little limited, to begin with. However, it's quite the opposite!

With a village hall, you can really make things your own with some hands-on decorating. By using pipe and drape, you can erase anything on the walls and create a blank canvas for your big day. You'll have very few limitations on when you can put lighting (as long as things are safe and in agreement with your hire) and you can even rearrange the furniture.

With the ability to pretty much do anything to the space, you can really add some personal touches and make it your own.

Local and Familiar

Though finding somewhere new to get married can be exciting, some also find it nervewracking. By choosing a village hall, you're choosing somewhere local and familiar for you and your guests. This can definitely be a bonus when it comes to finding parking (with most having their own parking), finding the venue and finding the best way home.

An Exterior Space

Because of the variety of uses a village hall has, there are quite a few around that also have an attached outdoor space. Though it may not be huge, an outdoor space can be great for photos, mingling and more.

Brilliant for Budgets

Village hall weddings are ideal for those on a budget.

A lot of village halls already have furniture, cutlery, glassware and other essential bits tied into the cost of the hire. We're strong believers in the big day being about making memories, which is why we never let a budget throw us. We know it's possible to deliver a beautiful venue with an efficient service at a low price.

With a village hall wedding, you're guaranteed to be saving more money as opposed to hiring a hotel, garden or large manor house.

We Can Help

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