The Pros of A December Wedding

13 Dec 2019

Thinking of tying the knot in December?

When it comes to choosing a month to get married; there are quite a few months that get more of a negative view. December is definitely one of them. Despite seeing the chick flicks and being in pure awe of December weddings, there is still a strong negative connection with the month of December and tying the knot. Is this because of the neverending soap operas which always seem to have a December wedding drama? Could it be the cold weather? Or is it because people are so wrapped up in Christmas? Needless to say, December is often overlooked when it comes to choosing a wedding month.

In the past, we have talked about choosing a wedding date, and we have always said that it is incredibly important to ensure a date is right for you. After all - it's your wedding and your personal preference, nobody can take that away from you. For some, a date is a personal date between their loved ones, for others is more about convenience and wants, and there are a few who choose a date simply because it's a date.

In case you're stuck on choosing a date, we thought we'd share some of the reasons why we believe December is a great month to tie the knot!

Let's start with the obvious, Christmas. The festive season always feels magical, it's full of bright lights, wonderful smells and everyone always looks cosy and warm. The month of December automatically feels magical because of this reason, and for those Christmas-lovers - December is the one month they look forward to every year. Having your wedding during the most magical time is guaranteed to be a good feeling. And to add to the magic, with Christmas around the corner, most families are home for Christmas. With a December wedding, you can almost guarantee that your family and loved ones will be able to attend as Christmas breaks begin. This means you'll be able to share the best day of your life with your nearest and dearest.

December is known for its dark afternoons and long evenings, which can be seen as a hindrance sometimes. However, with these extended evenings, you'll be able to make your indoor venue all cosy, make the most of outdoor lighting to dress the place up if necessary, and be able to get some incredible photos against the winter sunsets.

Another thing December is well known for is the brisk and chilly weather. When choosing a date, weather-talk often takes place, with some being unsure on which date to settle for in case of any weather changes. With December, it is what is it. December brings the cold, everyone knows that - and therefore, there are no unexpected weather changes. Whether it's raining or slightly sunny, you know it's going to be chilly. This gives you and your guests the chance to plan any outfits accordingly and not have to worry about packing extras 'just in case'. Not only is this a bonus for planning outfits, but it's also great for photo opportunities. Frost and bright winter mornings can make for some great photos! And to top it all off, with the definitive cold weather - you can focus more on your indoor venue, not having to worry about making any outdoor space overly important.

If you're hoping to cut costs and save some money, December is often the time to do this! With it being a low season for many venues and suppliers, you can sometimes receive low season rates. Of course, this isn't always guaranteed and is completely dependant on the supplier or venue. However, many have used this the month of December as a chance to cut costs. With it being a low season, there is also a high chance of great availability! Some venues are fully booked in the hot months but can have slots all throughout December. If you have a dream venue that is fully booked, why not consider looking at a December date? You may be in luck!

Finally, we are suckers for ending a year on a bang! With festive fun and a wedding all under one month, a December wedding is always a win in our books...

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