The Importance of Centrepieces

18 Sep 2019

The Unforgotten Decor Item

It seems that no matter the event trend, the venue or any planning factor - centrepieces always seem to stay a staple in weddings! And that is not a bad thing, at all. We love a good centrepiece! However, after doing some market research on our beloved bridal Facebook groups we've noticed that some brides to be are worried about the cost of their centrepieces, whilst others are stressed on what to choose while the remaining few are tempted to scrap the idea altogether because 'what's the point in a centrepiece, anyway?'.

If you're someone who hasn't planned a wedding before, you'll not understand the pure torture of Pinterest and it's endless centrepiece options. Or how stressful it can be to decide what flower to put where and whether all your centrepieces should match... And if you are one of those 'lucky' few, this post may not be for you, as today we're going to be sharing some of our centrepiece tips; from choosing your perfect centrepiece to deciding on placement.

Despite what you may think, centrepieces are quite a big part of the decoration for any venue! Not only do they add an extra element of decor to the room but it also helps set the event theme, colour scheme and general styling. Though it may sound simple, and somewhat unnecessary, this extra layer of decoration and styling is a great way to really tie a room together and makes for perfect photographs!

Whether you have a table plan or are letting your guests choose where to sit, your guests are generally going to stay in one seat during any sit-down portions of the event. With guests staying at their designated tables, centrepieces work as great talking points and are able to break up the table a little bit! If food is being served, centrepieces provide an excellent photo opportunity, but if the table is empty - centrepieces work great for getting rid of that 'bare' and 'unfinished' look.

A great thing about centrepieces is that they don't have to match, despite what some people may think. This adds some practicality to decorative centrepieces. If you're having a themed event, having different centrepieces works great as a way to differentiate tables and assign different table names. Even if it's not a themed event, this still works great! We've provided a range of different coloured centrepieces for a happy couple who used different colours to decipher who was going to sit where.

So, do you need a centrepiece? Well, no not really. The best part about events is that they're completely personal with event hosts and happy couples making it their own. That being said; centrepieces have been a staple in the event world for years, and are often talked about as soon as someone starts planning an event.

But if you are thinking of having do you choose the right one for you? Don't worry - we have some tips that we use when helping our happy brides choose their perfect centrepiece!

First, take into consideration the venue. Is your big day outside? Are there colours that cannot be removed? Will the lighting work with your desired design? Like every other design element, your chosen venue plays a big part. Don't let your venue rule what you can and cannot have, but also don't be blind to some problems that may occur... For example, centrepieces with unwrapped sweets may not work the best outside in the heat!

Next, think about your colour scheme. If you have a set colour scheme, your centrepieces are a great way to tie in some additional colours or continue to flow with your planned scheme. And if you don't have a colour scheme, think of your flower choices; centrepieces can be as simple as a single flower or a bespoke arrangement placed inside a mason jar!

A great thing about centrepieces is they can either be professionally sourced and designed (we can help with that!), or they can be completely handmade. Centrepieces offer another great DIY option, allowing you to make them as personal as possible. We've seen single flowers work great as centrepieces, whilst also seeing large and extravagant pieces put together! The possibilities are truly endless!

And finally, be sure to think about the exterior of the centrepiece! We've found that some of our centrepieces work best placed upon mirror plates for that extra flair, or even adding tealights around the simple centrepiece for an extra impact. Have a play with your ideas and see what works best for you!

We offer a range of different centrepieces and can source a variety of different centrepiece options to suit your needs! We have also worked with DIY brides and used their own materials to create a custom centrepiece for them. Be sure to get in touch today to see how we can help you by filling out a contact form or emailing!