Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

02 Feb 2019

It may be a bit of a cheesy slogan...but we believe it holds A LOT of truth!

No matter the event - it's important that everyone onboard is as thrilled to see it come together! By mixing your vision, ideas and Pinterest boards with our experience, knowledge and professionalism, together we can create the perfect plan. We'll then take that fabulous plan and team up with some of our favourite, highly regarded specialist suppliers to make everything become a reality.

2019 will see us continue to strengthen some of those supplier relationships offering you all sorts of fantastic options. Starting with Tatners Catering & Events!

Tatners Catering & Events is soon to launch their new website incorporating a huge element of Perfect Planning in the mix! Offering a joint task force supplying exceptional catering and the best of our offerings for any event, you will be hard pushed to find a better combination.

We've worked with Kyle Tatner and his team on a range of different events, with Tatners delivering insanely scrumptious food each and every time! Locally, Tatners has become a cult-favourite with their own beachside kitchen being a huge success in Broomhill Sands where Kyle dishes out some delicious goodies to many happy customers!

And now, with their on-location catering and our event planning services - our clients can enjoy a mouthwatering menu! Tatners rustic approach to street-style food sits nicely with the hire of our rustic bar, and various other focal pieces, it really is a great blend!

At the helm of the team, it's absolutely impossible not to laugh and enjoy the planning process with Kyle and Liz! Both full of energy and eager to provide the best service, ensuring to give your guests a party they won't forget in a hurry!

Organising an event or wedding doesn't have to be stressful... let us show you and treat your tastebuds in the process!

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