Staying Positive

20 Mar 2020

This is a very uncertain time for everyone...

Nobody could've imagined that this virus would've happened, let alone caused all of the problems that have come along with it. People are panic buying, stocking up, there are talks of lockdowns and businesses shutting. It's a very uncertain time for everyone...

As event planners, who focus heavily on weddings, we've seen firsthand how this virus has effected events and weddings. We've seen heartbroken brides having to postpone their big day, people asking 'what if' because they're unsure whether their wedding will fall under the government guidelines in a few weeks time.

To put it bluntly honest - it is heartbreaking to see so many people having to step away from their dream day, or be worried about how it's going to turn up considering the ongoing crisis. As a team, we've been working personally with our current clients to ensure that they know that we are fully approachable, that we're here whenever they need them and can help find solutions in case there are any changes. But sometimes, you need more than that.

Today, we thought we'd talk about some ways you can stay positive when facing Covid-19 against your big day.

Get Informed

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there; people rely heavily on social media posts to guide them through life. Though there are a lot of news outlets currently reporting any updates rapidly, there are a lot of scary articles out there that leave you with more questions.

It's important that you get informed and communicate. Talk to your suppliers, planners, venues and everyone who's involved with your big day. By talking to them, you'll be able to ask all those niggling questions and find out their plan of action. Nobody could ever prepare for this to have happened, however, everyone is taking steps to ensure that this is handled in the best possible way, and talking to your individual suppliers is a great way to get some answers and reassurance!

Go Back To The Beginning

Remember when planning an event was fun? We do, too! Though there are some stressful times when it comes to planning an event, we often find that the most magical and exciting times are at the beginning!

Whether it was the moment you had the ring on your finger or the moment you decided to throw that 40th birthday party, the very beginning of the planning process is always exciting. When things are a little doom and gloom, we highly recommend going back to the begin. Revisit your Pinterest board, take a look at some options you thought about and then threw out. By taking a look back, you'll be able to see this huge journey you've gone on and how far you've come and you can relive some of those fun planning memories, too!

Come Away From Social Media

Social media, though often a great resource, does have some negative connections.

At times like this, you can't scroll without seeing a negative headline. The C-word is everywhere, and there is a lot of misinformation out there. By being bombarded with something like this, there is a high chance you'll start to feel worse.

It's a good idea to limit your time on social media at a time like this.

Remember Why You Are Doing This

With everything up in the air, the idea of planning an event can be even more daunting than before. It's important to remember why you're doing this; what your big day is about. Even if it's postponed, it doesn't mean it's never going to happen... Focus on the positives that will come from your event, how much fun you'll have when it eventually comes to it. If it's a wedding - think of you and your loved one being tied together with marriage. If it's a birthday party - think of how much you're going to make someone's day. Focus on why you're doing this to help get through these dark times.

See Beyond The Storm

These unprecedented times are extremely hard, for everybody. And though there are a lot of negatives coming out right now, there is a future and there is hope. It's important to see beyond the storm, to remember that this will pass.

It may seem neverending right now, but that is far from the truth. We will come out of this!

We Can Help!

This is a scary and uncertain time for everyone but please know you are not alone.

We are always contactable via email and are doing whatever we can by our current (and future) clients to ensure that their event goes ahead if it still fits within government guidelines. We 100% respect anyone's decision to cancel or postpone, and we will be here whenever they need us.

Please fill out a contact form or email to chat with us.