Should You Have a Table Plan?

28 Feb 2020

Sometimes it can be one thing after another...

When planning a wedding, or any event for that matter, it can sometimes feel like the list is neverending. Because of this, when it comes to making big decisions, sometimes it can be easier to consider scrapping that particular idea altogether.

When meeting with some of our clients, talking to loved ones who are tying the knot and even just browsing endless Facebook groups, we're met with more and more suggestions on what a happy couple could scrap to help make things a little less stressful. However, more recently we've fallen into reading a few posts, and talking with a few clients, who wonder: are table plans worth it when it comes to a wedding?

And that got us thinking... Are they?

When discussing table plans with several people, we came to one solid conclusion: a lot of people find them stressful.

The idea of fitting so many people into one room for an event can be nerve-wracking as it is, but having to individually seat them and decide who they have to sit next to, can, understandably, cause an extra amount of pressure. And though we could all do without the extra stress, this doesn't necessarily mean that a table plan isn't worth it when it comes to an event.

Today, we thought we'd share some of the reasons why a table plan is a good idea at your wedding to help you fight through the stress!

Formality and Structure

One of the great, and most obvious, things about a table plan is that it offers a formality and structure to the room.

Guests simply have to find their name and take their assigned seat. There's no complications with that, which allows you to avoid any guests wandering around trying to find the right space next to their friends, moving seats and even adding additional chairs to a set table. Overall, this helps things run smoothly (and avoids any empty chairs).

Trust us, once your guests have taken their seat, all they'll be thinking about is the wonderful food they're about to enjoy!

Avoiding Empty Spaces

When you've spent hours looking at your table plan and making sure everyone is sat in the right spot, you're most likely going to have avoided any spare chairs placed in the mix. If you opt for a free-for-all or laid back approach with no seating plan, guests are more likely to move seats, cramp around one table and even leave empty seats behind to fit their circle.

When you have a seating plan, it avoids all of this!

Guest Expectations

Though a lot of guests may have some expectations and preferences when it comes to where they want to sit and who they want to sit with, most - if not all - of your guests will be most likely expecting that there will be a seating plan in place. A group of colleagues will probably end up with the idea that they're sitting together, school friends will be expecting that they'll most likely end up on the same table and so on.

With that in mind, it can be a lot easier to plan where everyone is going to be.


As the host of an event, you'll be more aware of any particular needs or requirements some of your guests may have. When choosing a caterer, you'll ask of any dietary requirements or food allergies, and so on. When you're choosing a seating plan, you have the power to sit your guests in the right place that may suit their needs.

If someone may need to be closer to the exit, you'll be able to take that into consideration. If someone may not have the greatest hearing, you can place them closer to the front. Though this may be a somewhat stressful concept at the time of planning your seating plan, it means that any guests who may not have thought of this when choosing their seat themselves, won't have to worry.

An Event Can Still Be Fun With a Table Plan

Table plans sometimes have very negative connotations. Brides don't want to seem like Bridezilla by not sitting two people together, whilst some are worried their guests will think it's a little too bossy of them to decide where they should sit. This isn't necessarily true!

A table plan doesn't make any event any less fun or any less laid back. It's simply a seat for your guests to enjoy their sit-down portion of the event at, and talk to people. As the event rolls on throughout the night, they'll be on the dancefloor, enjoying your entertainment and maybe even playing games!

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