Rustic 101

11 Sep 2019

The Popular Event Theme

When it comes to event trends, we often see them come and go quite frequently. However, the rustic trend has remained (and continues to be) a favourite for those planning their big day. Growing in popularity of the years, the rustic theme is a big wedding-want for brides to be - and we love it! Picking an event style can be tough, but we're suckers for something rustic - and we thought, with autumn well and truly on the way that now is the perfect time to sing rustics' praises!

If you're looking for reasons to give rustic a chance for your big day, or simply want to understand why it has become popular - we've got some tips for you!

One of the many reasons why the rustic theme is so well-loved in the bridal community (and in the event community in general), is because of how informal it can make any event feel. Weddings and relationships have changed so much over the years, and a rustic theme not only takes a step away from traditional and modern but it also adds a touch of informality, allowing couples to have a lot more freedom on their big day and making it personal, special and sentimental.

The calm and casual feel that a rustic event offers is a great doorway into incorporating DIY decor and additions to your event! DIY and rustic go hand in hand, and are a brilliant pairing at events! Whether you're a complete DIY bride from start to finish, or simply someone who has DIY'd their own centrepieces, the rustic theme is casual enough for everything to flow. It also enables more options for DIY brides and event planners. Instead of having to branch out on elaborate centrepieces, some brides opt for jam jars and flowers with twinkling lights or even our cream jugs as a way to add some rustic decoration! The rustic vibe is all about cosiness and feeling homely - and being able to add simple yet effective DIY decorations to your big day is always a huge bonus and definitely makes things feel personal.

Another great thing about rustic weddings is the pure diversity of it. Yes, it may be a trend that has stuck around with a range of different rustic invitations being sent out daily, but the keyword is 'range'. Rustic as a whole is one thing, but how brides and event planners are making it their own is something else. Despite similarities, each rustic event we've been to has not only been full of rustic pieces but also personal to the hosts and unique. Everything is individual, whether it was handmade at home on one of those late DIY nights, or sourced from Pinterest and created into something just a little bit more personal... We've seen rustic couples really make the event their own and that is the pure beauty of it!

Finally, rustic weddings enable couples to work universally with their venue! Whether you're in a village hall and want to dress it head to toe and immerse your guests in your rustic dream, or have opted for a refurbished barn with glorious views - the versatility and informal vibe of the rustic trend allows you to work with whatever you've chosen and really make it your own. Using draping, lighting, bunting and a range of different decor, you can make any venue into a rustic dream!

So, thinking about going rustic? Well - we can help!

Being based in Rye, we're in the prime location for some popular rustic venues, but we have also worked with a variety of different venues all over, some rustic and others more traditional. We can help you find the right rustic venue for you and we can even liaise with your venue owners to ensure things are perfect for you.

Aside from our professional lighting setups, we also offer a range of different statement rustic pieces for events. From our rustic pallet bar to our light-up MRS & MRS letters, all the way through to sourcing wood for your centrepieces. We have a range of different decor options on hand and ready to go, all to suit your rustic fantasy. Or, our on the day coordinator and event stylists can help take all your DIY goodies, your purchased decor items and more and help set it up to meet your needs. A great way to have something personal whilst ensuring things run smoothly.

Event themes are different for everyone and we're on hand to help whatever your chosen theme is! Fill out a contact form today or email to begin building your bespoke package.