The Pros of A Wedding Photographer

21 Nov 2019

Capture Those Moments Forever

There is so much to think about when planning a wedding. You may have seen every chick-flick, seen every Pinterest board and watched endless episodes of Say Yes To The Dress; nothing ever really prepares you for the big decisions you have to make when planning your special day! A lot of the time, couples will focus on the obvious priorities that need to be tackled; like setting a date, choosing a venue and even finding the right dress. However, once the big choices have been made, some of the minor important things might not seem like a priority anymore...

It's no secret that our team have found ourselves on wedding forums in the past, as well as endless wedding Facebook groups, and one of the things we have noticed being high on the list of 'we can cope without it' is a wedding photographer. We know everyone's big day is different, and there are somethings people genuinely do not wish to have at their wedding, and we completely respect that. However, today we thought we would share just some of the reasons why having a photographer at your big day is important!

First and foremost, a photographer is a great way to capture memories forever. Sure, you can have your friends with their phones and cameras snapping up the big moments, but it's important that they enjoy the day, too, and not have to be so focused on snapping things. Some couples even ban cameras and phones on their big day for this reason! With a photographer, their sole purpose is to be snap happy and capture those all-important moments. These will be photos you can share with your friends and family for the rest of your life...

A lot of the time, people forget that a photographer is not only there to capture the happy couple. Though the couple are hands down, single-handedly the most important people of the day, the photographer can also grab some photos of your friends and family making memories for you to look back on. Some things you may have even missed - like your cousin dancing with a smile on her face or your partner's best friend laughing at your dad's joke. You might not think these are a big deal to have and to hold forever, but they really are heartwarming to look back on.

Finally, one big reason why having a wedding photographer is important is...regrets. We all have them, but looking back on your big day and wishing you did some things differently is not a great feeling. Though you may feel like a wedding photographer isn't important now, having those photos at the end of it professionally captured, highlighting all the best bits and capturing every moment is a great feeling!

We know everyone's big day is different, and everyone's wants, needs, and requirements are different, but if you need a hand finding the right photographer we can help! We can also help liaise with your photographer to ensure those best bits are being captured with our on-the-day coordinator on hand to ensure those important moments are snapped.

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