Pinterest - The Modern Day Scrapbook

24 Jul 2019

From secret boards to public pins...

Pinterest has been around for a long time, and though it may not be on everyone's home screen like Facebook and Instagram, the high number of users are always on there adding something new and creative to their recent boards. In fact, all of us at Perfect Planning Events often find ourselves spending hours on Pinterest, creating secret boards and publicly pinning whenever something comes into our head. From nail inspiration to finding the perfect outfit, Pinterest has been a staple for getting prepared and inspired.

It's no secret that Pinterest is the home of a lot of 'wedding' boards. Excited brides can find themselves scrolling and pinning for hours as soon as the big day is mentioned. Some even have secret boards at the ready, dreaming of when they'll finally be able to say 'yes'! It's like pre-planning but digitally and extremely global, and we're all here for it. But that's one of the problems with is so global.

Despite all of the great ideas and quality of content on Pinterest, we're regularly meeting with clients who struggle to see whether they're vision will come to life from their Pinterest board, while some are worried that their big day will be like 'every other Pinterest wedding'. Although we can see why these issues may flare up for some clients, we also know that it's important to make someones big day as special and unforgettable as humanly possible.

Previously, we've written about how brides to be can sometimes struggle with the pressure of having to match with everything they see online, and though we're still strong believers in "you don't have to have everything - as long as you're happy and have people around you" we still know Pinterest has huge potential - and how exciting it can be to pin your favourite ideas in one place.

So, let's talk about how the modern-day scrapbook can help with your wedding planning!

One of the best parts about Pinterest isn't the secret boards with all your best kept wedding secrets, but the incredible amount of content that there is out there. Despite how many times I've personally scrolled through suggested pins, I've rarely seen the same pin more than twice. There is always something new and captivating that takes me down a hole of looking for even more and sometimes completely forgetting what I came to look for! And that's where it can be such a great source for brides and happy couples. If you've already chosen a venue - Pinterest can help open your eyes to different lighting styles. Stuck on how to display your table plan? Pinterest it! Struggling to find inspiration for your invites? Pinterest has loads of different ideas that you can adapt and make your own! These ideas and pins don't have to be copied, in fact - they shouldn't ever really be 'copied' but they can be enough for you to go to your wedding planner and suppliers and give them a general gift of what you want.

If you're using Pinterest as a way to compile ideas, you have to go into it with a small idea of what you're after. Going in blind can lead to pin-overload and you may struggle to make a choice. But if you have a rough idea of what to go on, or have already chosen some things (like your venue), Pinterest works as a great way to find those little bits you may not have thought of at all. In all honesty, it works as one of the key parts of planning - like creating a mood board or mind-mapping things.

While it is a great place for inspiration and crossing off any things you may have forgotten about, it can also be a bit of a large space to get lost in. For example, are loads of 'photography inspiration' boards out there, and though they some great staged poses - they're not always natural and what you'll want to look back on. People who upload and add to photography inspiration are not always after real emotion, they're sometimes just looking to get a 'good' image out there with excellent focus and of high quality. But when it comes to your big day you don't always want an aesthetically pleasing photo of the flowers in the background or a stock-like photo of the cocktails your bar staff were serving - you'll want raw and real emotion. Which is what you should make a note of when browsing those different boards! Yes, it's a great place to see how others have decided to do their 'official photos', but it's not a rulebook and doesn't mean you have to have completely perfect photos with an excellent focus in every single shot. It's about capturing memories, nothing else!

We're huge advocates for Pinterest planning. It has been a great resource of inspiration for brides and clients of ours, some who have invited us to see their secret boards whereas others have followed our Pinterest (Perfect Planning Events LTD) to see photos of what we offer. But we know how important it is to make events your own and to have your big day tell a story. It shouldn't all be about what will get the most likes or pins, it's about making something that you can look back on and not think of anything you'd have done differently.

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