Pimp Your Prosecco

11 Jun 2019

Adding something new to your favourite fizz!

Undeniably, the best part of any event is making memories! It's cheesy, but we're definitely sentimental here at Perfect Planning Events LTD, which is why we're always looking for something to offer to make your events that extra bit special.

Over the years, one thing we've found (from events we've provided services for and those we've personally attended) is that some of the best memories are made through interactive moments - when things get a little hands-on and guests can add their own flare to the big day. We like to implement this feature as much as we can for all of our clients, and one of the ways we offer this is with our Pimp Your Prosecco station!

This station allows you and your guests to add something new to everyone's favourite fizz! Set up to suit your theme, our prosecco stations can be dressed and decorated to suit your colour scheme, with our team supplying all the goodies to let you get creative. From flavoured syrups and sweets, all the way through to bursting balls of flavour, your stations will be full of flavour-filled fun.

Pimp Your Prosecco stations are not only great as a time-filler for your event but they're a great addition to welcome drinks.

Fill out a contact form today to book our Pimp Your Prosecco services for your next event or email liz@perfectplanningevents.co.uk!