Perfect Pack Down Service

09 Oct 2019

Enjoy the day and have everything cleared away!

Every good event often requires some major clean up! Though planning and experiencing an event is exciting, having to come back afterwards to clear everything away can be a nuisance and may take some magic away from the big day. Which is why we offer our pack down service!

Since the start of Perfect Planning Events, we have prided ourselves in being efficient and on hand throughout the entire event process, including after the big day! We know how tiresome it can be after a day of magic to return to your event location and have to strip everything away, which is why all of our bespoke packages can include a pack down service.

So, what do we do?

Every Perfect Planning Events item can be delivered directly to your chosen venue (with full set up if required!) and completely packed down and returned to our warehouse when the big day is over. Whilst we're planning your event, we'll liaise with the owner of your chosen venue to get a good understanding of when they'd like the items removed. We've worked over the course of weekends and even single days to help remove items entirely from a venue and returning them back to our warehouse, offering one single sweep service to ensure everything is back to 'normality' for you, the venue owners and even ourselves!

When it comes to the pack down, we'll simply turn up to collect and take down any of the items using our dedicated team. If you have hired our bar staff or our on the day coordinator, some of the goods can be removed from the venue towards the end of the night with minimal work needed the next day. In the past, we have worked alongside our clients to help remove items whilst they're at the venue, but we have also been able to provide full removal service of our goods without having to disturb them from their after-celebration relaxations and honeymoons!

Having someone else pack down may not be something that everyone thinks of, but by removing the cleanup aspect from you for your event means you can simply enjoy the day and have everything from us cleared away without any stress!

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