Our Mobile Bars Meet Open Bars

07 Aug 2019

BYOB...and store them with us!

When it comes to bar services, having an open bar as opposed to a cash bar can be a debatable topic for clients planning events. Some are strong believers in having guests pay for drinks whilst others firmly believe that part of an event is being able to help yourself and order beyond limits! We've worked with a range of clients, some wanting an open bar and others wanting a cash bar - and every time, our bar services have come up as successes, with very many happy customers. However, there is one element that can sometimes be forgotten about when it comes to bar services...

Though the term 'bring your own bottle' or BYOB for short, is one of the teenage movies it isn't unknown in the event industry. We've met with clients who have chosen a BYOB option whilst also attending some friends and family events who have also asked for guests to bring their own bottles. Having guests bring their own bottles works great for smaller events and can be a great way to ensure everyone is enjoying their favourite drinks throughout the night, but when it comes to storing and serving - this can become a problem.

Did you know our mobile bar services can work with your own implemented 'bring your own bottle' rule?

It's not uncommon for us to hire out our bars on a dry hire, where they come as they are without any stock. This can be the ideal place for guests to store their own bottles and for the event hosts to store any bought in extras. Not only does this mean that drinks can be stored in the appropriate place in the right temperature and conditions, but it also means that event hosts won't have to worry about where any loose bottles are. Everything can be in one place.

You might be asking yourself 'who will serve it?' We can!

We can offer bar staff even if a bar hasn't been hired through us. Which means that any dry hire bars or BYOB bars can be served professionally throughout the night. Our bar staff can maintain the area for you, picking up any used or empty glasses over the course of the event as well as making sure the bar is staffed appropriately and that everyone is happy!

Every event is important, no matter the style or celebration - which is why we're proud to offer services like this that can take something simple into something that is professional and efficient. By having bar staff at an event - even if it's a casual one - can make a huge difference. It takes another layer of pressure away for the event host and lets everyone enjoy the main event.

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