Made With Love

07 Feb 2020

February Is All About Sharing The Love...

Valentine's day is upon us, with cards, gift bags and red balloons appearing all over the high streets!

As a team in the events and wedding business, we can't help but be suckers for some love! This time of year is definitely one of our favourites and we wanted to give it it's very own blog post to celebrate. However, we didn't just want to share some tips about how to have a fabulous Valentine's day wedding (but that post will most likely come in the future)... we wanted to go even deeper than that.

So today, we thought we'd share the love and share with you some fabulous DIY goodies, made with love, for your big day!

The SOS Kit

Your big day should be perfect. We all dream of it; those photographic moments captured forever, everyone smiling, your dress looking beautiful and your face looking flawless... But! Are you prepared for some unpredictable problems?

Small and unpredictable problems can cause huge issues on the big day! It's always best to be prepared...

One great DIY project is The Bride SOS Kit, also known as - The Emergency Wedding Kit! This kit can (and should) cover all the goodies you need to fight stains, rips, tears and even a hair malfunction, and is not only fun to make but offers peace of mind. So what should you include? Well...we have a few suggestions! We recommend having a sewing kit, plasters, painkillers, perfume, mints, tissues and hairpins for a very basic SOS kit.

Table Numbers

Whether you're crafty and creative or not, making something personal for your wedding can be a great feeling! Sometimes, it's just about being involved and having that little something made with love to really tie a room together.

We've worked with a variety of brides. Some who had completely overhauled their decor items with DIY goodies whilst others opted for a subtle approach with some DIY magic here and there. Both worked amazingly, and it was great to hear and see so many compliments from guests as they noticed the handiwork of their hosts.

There are so many things you can DIY at your wedding but one of our favourites (and one we constantly find ourselves peering at on Pinterest) are table numbers! Table numbers are not only practical for your seating plan, but they're also a great addition to any centrepiece and can really help complete the look. And - as a bonus - they can even be pretty easy to make!

With so many different craft outlets around, picking up wooden numbers to customise has never been easier. Whether you're adding glitter or painting, making wooden table numbers your own is a fun project to get stuck into. We've also seen brides utilising a rustic look by painting or decorating log slices with decals! With so many different craft tools and materials out there, DIY'ing your table numbers is a great way to get crafty.

Bridesmaids Proposal Gifts

Being asked to be someone's bridesmaid is a big deal! It's extremely personal to be involved that heavily in someone's big day. Sometimes, it requires more than just a simple question, with a lot of brides now opting for gifts and keepsakes to help pop the question.

From messages in bottles, handmade cards or a heartfelt scrapbook full of your favourite photos together, there are so many ways to DIY some goodies for your bridesmaids-to-be.

Share The Love...

Whether you're choosing to DIY some elements of your big day, or need us to help create a bespoke package just for you - we're ready to share the love and have our services at your unforgettable event.

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