LGBTQ+ Weddings

01 Jun 2018

Additional worries...

Wedding planning, though sometimes stressful, is meant to be exciting! There is something truly magical about coming together with your loved one and creating a special day to share with your friends and family. However, when it comes to wedding planning for those in LGBTQ+ relationships - it can be an incredibly nerve-racking and upsetting time.

Not knowing how an event planner is going to react or how business owners will feel about the nature of an LGBTQ+ relationship, can result in couples being put off seeking outside support and even make them very wary of who to contact. From general market research and a large amount of conversations - we have seen this to become less often nowadays, but still a common worry for those whose relationship isn't deemed 'traditional'.

Love is Love

Despite how much more accepting we have become, there are still some times when LGBTQ+ couples need some reassurance and that's exactly what we're here to do!

We're proud to simply say, we don't care! Regardless of your gender and sexuality - we welcome you. You are welcome here. You're welcome to use our products and services, you're welcome to lean on our event coordinator for advice, your love is just as important as anyone else's - and we can't wait to celebrate it with you.

Our products and services are available to everyone, no matter who you love. We will continue to create unforgettable events that spread nothing but positivity and love.

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