How We Can Help DIY Brides

14 Aug 2019

Helping out a DIY bride...

Social media has become one of the main planning points for those who are hosting events, particularly brides to be. With the likes of Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram not only offering inspiration but also direct links to purchasing items - brides to be are able to have everything at their fingertips, scrolling for more every second they possibly can. It's because of this that we've seen a huge growth in the number of DIY brides out there, searching through hashtags and inspirational posts to find the next thing for their wedding day.

There's no denying it - we're true advocates for social media planning. We've written about how inspiring Pinterest can be, and we're also active in a lot of local wedding groups on Facebook. We embrace social media planning! And we can see why those who feel like doing it themselves find it so easy to after having limitless information in front of them.

However, we met with one client at the beginning of the month whose overall requirements really stood out to us...

Our client originally heard of us from a wedding showcase at a local venue. However, when meeting for our consultation - our client wanted something a little different from our products and services.

As a DIY bride, our client had already gathered and purchased some pieces for her big day and came to us for our advice and our experience on how to achieve 'the perfect day' with the pieces she's already purchased. When meeting with Liz, the two came up with a plan on how to make each individual piece the client has purchased work, whilst also deciding that our uplighters would work great at the chosen venue alongside our outdoor games for extra entertainment! In order to execute this plan, we're providing full on the day set up and a complete cleardown meaning our client won't have to worry about getting the venue ready for the day or having to clean it all up after!

To any outsiders, this may seem like a 'simple' task when comparing it to our consultations with clients who want everything out of our warehouse and every member of our staff, however, this is just as important and equally as big! Usually, we're shown inspiration from our clients, or have Pinterest boards shared with and are left to sort of let loose finding the right supplier, sourcing in furniture and utilising our own decor - which we love doing, by the way...every job at Perfect Planning is unforgettable! However, this not only allows us to utilise our years of experience but it also gives us the challenge of using items we wouldn't normally use and having to make them work in a stylish and tasteful way that ticks all of our clients' boxes.

Find out how we can help you, as a DIY bride or as someone who wants us to take control by filling out a contact form or emailing to begin building your bespoke package.