How Lighting Can Change Everything

29 Jul 2019

Transform Your Event With Lighting

Lighting has always been an interesting topic for us. We've found that the subject is either at the top of a clients planning list or right at the bottom and almost completely forgotten about. Some of our clients hadn't even considered lighting until it was bought up in our free consultation, whereas others have dreamt of full festoon-lit fields and highlighted nature. If you're new to who we are, we work alongside lighting specialists who have not only helped us understand how different lighting can make a big impact at a range of venues but have also helped our clients see that there is more than just a 'simple fairy light set up'.

There's no denying that lighting is a great way to make sure the event goes well into the night, but it also works great as decor and can be extremely cost-effect, too! Over the years, we've been proud to work with a variety of different venues - some local and some not-so-local, and have been able to offer our services all year round which has seen our lighting packages in many different seasons, venues and times of day! Whether it's a wedding or a birthday party, our lighting packages are designed to make an impact. By using only professional lighting equipment, we're able to deliver professional results that not only look great and are a big talking point but photograph well, too.

One of our personal favourites is the simplicity of festoon lighting. As a company, we've found ourselves doing a lot of outdoor events, particularly in larger fields, and outdoor events are one of the best places for festoon to work! By lining the outdoor area with festoon, it can section of particular areas whilst showing guests where the end of the venue is. Festoon offers flexibility, working with a great variety of venues and event styles, as the cosy glow it gives off helps add some ambience. Not only is it able to add some ambience, but it also works great for practicality, too - keeping things lit up throughout the night. And if you fancy a bit of colour - we even offer coloured festoon!

LED up lighters have been a strong favourite from our clients over the years. Uplighting is one of the most popular and efficient ways of changing the atmosphere in a room. By choosing a wash of colour, you're in full control of how the room feels the moment your guests walk in. With our set up, we can show you how to personally change the colours throughout the event. Or, if you feel like adding something extra to your colour scheme, we can add bright pops of colours with uplighters. We've even seen our uplighters be used for some gender reveal parties as a way to make things a little bit more interactive.

If you want to highlight the surrounding architecture and nature, our outdoor colour washes are the ideal way to do this. Alike our uplighters, the outdoor colour washes can change the vibe of any event, adding ambience and atmosphere. We've used our outdoor colour washes to add something eery for Halloween events, but we've also used them to help set the mood at weddings, birthdays and more! Hidden behind trees, our colour washes are a great way to extend your venue, lighting things up for guests as it gets later into the night.

When speaking in general about lighting for weddings, some of our friends have highlighted that fairy lights can be too 'simple' for such a big event. We strongly, disagree! Fairy lights are versatile, offering a range of different designs and setups. We've made net-like structures with fairy lights to create a light-up canopy for some of our clients. We've wrapped fairy lights around one of our favourite venues bridges. We've utilised fairy lights with our shepherds' crooks. We've even used smaller fairy lights as part of centrepieces and table decorations. They're dainty yet bright enough to add some sparkling magic to any event.

These are just some of the lighting options we offer when it comes to events. Working in the event industry with incredible lighting specialists inevitably opened our eyes and given us the tools and knowledge to deliver professional lighting setups for each and every one of our clients.

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