Hello September

01 Sep 2019

It is almost time to say goodbye to summer...

Though September often continues to promise warm days, the end of summer is always a bit of a downer, even if you are looking forward to the return of autumn, crisper days and longer (and much cooler) evenings. There's no denying that summer sees a lot of events taking place, with people making the most of the sunshine and the longer days, but despite what you may think - September is still a strong advocate for events.

Not only does September see a lot of back-to-school gatherings or end of season parties, but September is also a hot wedding month for a lot of brides to be. And there are a few reasons why...

September is what we like to call a 'perfectly blended' month. Though it brings the end of summer towards the end of the month, the days are generally noticeably cooler as September gets started. Despite being cooler, September still offers sunshine, pleasant weather and longer days for over half of the month. This makes it an ideal month for events! It's usually warm enough for you to not have to worry too much about outerwear for an event, but it's also cool enough to not bring your emergency blotting kit for when things get a little bit too hot!

Back in July, we talked about how the heat can affect some event foods, and how some caterers advice their clients to be mindful of what they're asking to be served. But with the heat being less of a damaging factor in September, you may be able to opt for food that those in scorching summer days chose to stay away from!

As September gets started, the sunsets are always unforgettably incredible! You and your guests can enjoy the beautiful view from your chosen venue as the sky changes colour - a great talking point, and definitely an excellent photo opportunity! Speaking of photo opportunities, the natural light (without glare from too much sun) is a great tool for your chosen photographer. You'll be able to create live photos from a range of different areas of your venue without having to move to where the light works best. And, with less sun they'll be less sunglasses, making those group photos even more personal.

Here at Perfect Planning Events, we're lucky enough to work with trained lighting specialists who have years of experience in event and commercial lighting. We've seen a range of different lighting setups for our clients to work with, and have designed bespoke lighting packages for a variety of different event styles. Alike summer events, September means you don't have to use a lot of artificial lighting as the days are generally brighter. However, September brings along the darker evenings and that is when the lighting matters the most. As autumn creeps its way into your events, it's a great opportunity to make the most of atmospheric and cosy lighting. We can provide fairy light canopies, lanterns, atmospheric uplighters, festoon and so much more to make things glow!

Darker evenings and nights may seem like a bit of a downer for events but there is one great way to optimise the September sky - fireworks! Get your guests together for a fireworks display at your chosen venue. Not only does this offer another great photo opportunity, but it's a great way to kick off the evening celebrations or tie the whole night together at the end.

These are just some of the many reasons why September can be great for your event! We believe that no matter the month or season, an event can be truly unforgettable and personal with your own touches. Which is why we strive to deliver dream days for each and every one of our clients. Fill out a contact form to find out more information today or email liz@perfectplanningevents.co.uk to begin building your bespoke package.