Hello November

01 Nov 2019

November is a Great Time to Get Married

It's official - 2019 has flown by! We're already 11 months into the year, creeping closer and closer to the festive season and 2020 is closer than ever before. However, with that being said it's time to start celebrating November!

Usually known for notorious bonfires and fireworks, November is a crisp autumnal month that often brings what feels like winter-chills, despite winter not officially starting until December 22nd. Compared the warmer months, November may seem like a quieter month for weddings and events, but it does often hold a fair few. Today, we thought we'd share some of the reasons why you shouldn't overlook November for your wedding month, despite what you may have heard.

There is no denying that November is a cold month. Even in December, we were deicing our cars! But November brings some very low temperatures, which can be off-putting for those looking to plan an event. However, November is more than just crisp and cold, it is also extremely atmospheric and provides the best solution for having a winter wedding without having to brave the full winter-official weather! There may be some frost, a few icicles and colourful leaves, that can be extremely photogenic as well as making your indoor venue seem that extra bit cosy.

November is naturally an off-peak winter season for some, which is great for when you're trying to find the perfect place for you to tie the knot. Not only do most venues offer lower prices for this off-peak season, but there is often more availability and time to play around with dates that suit you and your guests. For those who are on a budget but want to celebrate their marriage when things are a little cold outside, November is the ideal month. However, due to the chill outside, you will need to spend a little more to get your venue warm, cosy but still within your desired event style which may inevitably balance out the price. Not only is it colder outside, but it'll also be darker, so it's important to have your venue well lit both indoors and outdoors to keep the party going.

Speaking of dark evenings, November is known for fireworks. Having fireworks at any event during any time of the year is always enjoyable, but in November with the evenings drawing in quicker, you and your guests can enjoy the bright and colourful displays in the sky earlier than those who have fireworks in the summer. Firework displays work great for breaking up the evening a bit, offering something fun before a DJ set or live band. We've even been at weddings where the groom has organised a surprise firework show for his bride, which was heartwarming... Bonfires are equally as fun when the evenings are darker. Though you may feel as if you're secluded to an indoor venue, having a bonfire outside (if allowed!) can be a great way to invite guests outside to get cosy. And of course, both fireworks and bonfires are great photo opportunities! Why not throw some sparklers into the mix and get some extra fun snaps?

Dark evenings and darker nights aren't only great for bonfires and fireworks, but they're also great for lighting opportunities! From uplighters to fairy light canopies to simple festoon, having a dark canvas to lit up can be really exciting. Not only does lighting set the atmosphere but it is also practical to ensure you and your guests get around safely. And again, having these bright colours contrasting against something dark is a great photo opportunity! Lighting also doesn't have to rely on twinkling fairy lights, it can also be simplistic and paired with some cosy candles indoors.

Because of the cold, not only will your big day be about celebrating your love, but there will also be a goal to keep things warm for you and your guests. Not only in the general term of making things cosy and having enough heat to ensure your guests are comfortable, but also with food and drink! November allows you to bring in warm comfort foods and have hot chocolates full of marshmallows for those who want something fun and warm to sip.

November can be an important month for some couples, for others it may simply be the only time they can get everyone together for a big celebration, or maybe you just like the month! Whatever the reason, if you're looking for a November wedding - we can help! Fill out a contact form today or email liz@perfectplanningevents.co.uk.