Hello June

01 Jun 2019

This year seems to be flying by...

We looked at our calendars this morning and couldn't believe it - six months into the year already!

It's no secret that everyone loves a summer event! Summer weddings, summer parties or even just simple get-togethers are a great way to make memories. With the long days, beautiful skies and warm weather a summer event is always a winner! Despite summer not officially starting until the 21st of June, there are a few reasons why June weddings are always a hit...

Traditionally, June was the most popular month to marry and still remains to be one of the common months to get married. If we were to step backward, some would say June was the ideal time to get married because the Goddess, Juno (who June is named after), was the protector of women in all aspects and therefore getting married in Juno's month is considered favourable. Whereas, others may suggest the love for a June wedding comes from the Celtic calendar with impatient youths ensuring the popularity of a mid-June wedding after courting from May Day.

Regardless of traditions and beliefs, June has remained a winner in the events department, especially for weddings! Often, June promises good weather so outdoor weddings and events can ensure that extra bit of sunshine for their guests. And that extra sunshine lasts longer, too, with June having the longest days of the year! With the long days and late evenings, June is perfect for a marquee reception while utilizing the surrounding area for the main event.

We're proud to offer a range of different products and services to help enhance any June event. Whether you're beginning to plan your June event for next year, or need to add some last minute touches to an event happening this month - our team are happy to help create an unforgettable event for you and your guests.

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