Hello July

01 Jul 2019

Hello July!

So far, 2019 has been an exciting one for us! We've met with a range of different clients from happy couples to party goers, and we've exhibited at a range of different exhibitions meeting with other suppliers and branching out to a wider audience. And while we're working hard on making sure each of our clients gets their unforgettable event stress free, we sometimes find ourselves a little shocked when we take a quick peek at the calendar. We say it every month but...where on Earth has the time gone? The year is flying by!

Last month, we posted about a few of the traditions that have made June a wedding-favourite when it comes to picking the perfect month to tie the knot. However, July sure does get a lot of love, too! And if you're thinking of setting your date for July 2020 (and onwards), we have some tips that'll help make your big day run that extra bit smoothly.

With the wonderful weather, it's no wonder that July is so popular for weddings and other events. On June 21st, summer officially begins and July often promises to keep the sunshine for the majority of the month. The better weather generally keeps people in a good mood, but it also allows you and your guests to have some really great photos with summer flowers in the background and the sun giving you a natural glow! But that's not all the weather allows you to do... Those who choose to host their events in July can choose between indoor and outdoor venues. Though most opt for a venue that offers both, July hosts can make the most of outdoor space with the promising weather, using indoor space (if there is any) as a safety net just in case. Remember - we can help you choose the right venue for you!

However, despite the promising weather allowing guests to make the most of the outdoor space, there are some things you should watch out for. Though it's great to have things under the summer sun, it's also important that there is enough heat-relief out there for both you and your guests to retreat, too. If you don't have an indoor space, make sure there are some shaded areas - whether that's created naturally by trees, or put in place with some marquees. You and your guests deserve to enjoy the day throughout, which is why heat relief is a must-have! Alongside large areas of shade, hand-fans are a great addition and a simple way to ensure your guests keep cool. We work with an incredible marquee company who can help create a heat-relief space for your guests to take a moment in.

Summer doesn't only bring beautiful flowers and glorious sunshine, but it's also the time for summer cocktails! In the heat, your guests are going to need to be able to quench their thirst. Our mobile bars can offer a range of summer cocktails with a variety of extras, from PopABalls and Shimmer Dust to beautiful mason jars with taps. Whilst we pride ourselves in our exotic summer cocktails and fruity punches, we also know the importance of having lots of ice on hand for those warmer days and keeping a huge supply of water behind the bar to make sure each of your guests are hydrated.

Another reason why July is a huge hit for events is the long days! People are able to enjoy their venue for long periods of time, making the most of the light evenings. Though we love to keep a party going for as long as humanly possible, we know that when it's a little too hot that things can get uncomfortable. Which is why we often advise on sticking to a late afternoon to evening event when it comes to July. Pair a late afternoon with some light food (watch this space for our tips on how to choose the perfect caterer for your summer event!), and you'll be ensuring your guests are as comfortable as possible under the summer sun.

Finally, though a July event means you and your guests will have more outfit choices, it also means that sun and bug protection should be on-hand! It's important to send reminders to your guests, whether that's on the invites or on your Facebook group, and create your own little survival kit. And with our on the day coordinator, we can help set up stations with suncream and bug sprays to make sure everyone is comfortable!

So, there you have it - just a few things to remember when you're planning a July event! Our team have met with a range of different hosts who sometimes forget that the smallest things can make a huge difference, which is why we pride ourselves in being on-hand and dedicated to create a flawless and unforgettable event.

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