Hello 2020

09 Jan 2020

New year, more events!

December seemed to just fly by - we couldn't keep up. In fact, whenever a new month began in 2019, we found ourselves in shock at how fast things were going. Towards the end of December, the team took a step away from the office to spend some time with loved ones and get ready for the new year. And now we're back! So, here's our official first blog post of 2020!

Today, while we're still coming to grips with how fast the new year has come round, we thought we'd share some of our different products and services as a little refresher for those who may have visited our site before as well as a showcase for those who are new visitors! This year, our goal is to offer our services and products to even more events. So here are just some of our favourites!


When it comes to planning an event, centrepieces are one of the first things people tend to take inspiration for. Not only is this because centrepieces are staples and have been from the beginning, but also become it really ties an event theme and styling together.

We offer a range of different centrepiece options for events! From mirror plates and fishbowls, all the way through to vintage birdcages, our in-house centrepiece options are versatile enough to fit with different event themes. Not only do we offer different centrepiece options in-house, but we also have a long list of suppliers who can also step in and offer something a little different. Centrepieces are also a great chance to get crafty, with a lot of hosts turning to DIY options. We've had clients in the past who have utilised their DIY skills to create a personal centrepiece, but have asked us for our opinion and help with our years of experience behind us.


Event lighting is extremely important. Not only does it help set the mood but it can also dress your chosen venue, adding to the decor.

Our team are lucky enough to work with lighting specialists who can not only help with putting up lighting for an event, but also designing a quality lighting set up to suit our clients' needs. By working firsthand with these lighting specialists over the years, we have been able to create some incredible lighting setups as well as educate ourselves on the right lighting setups for different venues, styles and more!

Not only can we offer professional event lighting for decor, but we also offer production lighting for your chosen entertainment - allowing you to light up your venues stage with spotlights, disco lights and more if required.

Sweet Treats

If you have a sweet tooth like us, you'll love a good sweet treat at your event!

Not only can we provide complete sweet buffets, but we also offer popcorn bars and even a Pimp Your Own cupcake station! All of these sweet treat bundles allow you and your guests to create something satisfyingly sweet. Our sweet buffets allow your guests to relive that nostalgic kid-in-a-sweetshop feeling as they help themselves to their favourite treats. Our popcorn bars bring the cinema favourite to your event, with your guests adding fun toppings to the savoury and sweet snack! And our cupcake stations are a great way to get creative with icing and toppings.

We provide all the goodies for our sweet treat bundles and they're guaranteed to go down with guests of all ages!


We're proud to offer a range of drinks packages for every event.

Not only do we offer bar staff for your venues bar, but we can also provide a complete bar ourselves with a range of bars to choose from! From a rustic pallet bar to an LED top bar, our bars are stylish and professional to really bring the bar experience to your event. Our mobile bar packages can include bar staff, a fully stocked bar of your favourite drinks and we can work with your budget on providing a cash or open bar.

We also understand that some clients may want a professional and safe space to store their drinks for a BYOB policy. Which is why we're proud to offer versatile bar packages to suit this! Whether you simply want to store your drinks somewhere or want someone to serve, we can help - even if the drinks have been bought in from elsewhere.

And to top it all off - we have great additions to bars, too! Our kegerator is a self-serving keg, allowing your guests to pull their own chilled pint. Not only is our kegerator a great solo-unit, but it can also be added on to our bar packages for a unique twist! And if you're feeling fancy, you can always add bursting balls of fun and sparkling shimmer to your drinks with our PopABall selection.

Our On The Day Coordinator

Though we offer start to finish event planning with our hands on specialist team, we understand that the planning doesn't end just as the big day begins! Your big day is yours to enjoy, and we believe you should be able to be at ease for any last-minute stresses, not having to worry about a thing. Our on the day coordinator is the perfect tonic for this!

Hands on throughout the day, our coordinator will be working alongside your venue staff to ensure everything runs smoothly. They can help with the transition of day to evening settings, ensure the schedule is followed thoroughly and also be aware of any minor details that may have been forgotten about.

And many more!

These are just a few of our different products and services that we offer. All of our products and services can be found here, on our website, with each one being available as an individual product and service for hire, or they can be added into your bespoke package for your big day!

Fill out a contact sheet for more information or email liz@perfectplanningevents.co.uk. We can't wait to help with your 2020 event!