Have It All In One

10 Jul 2019

The Perfect Planning Promise

It's no secret that there is an evergrowing amount of suppliers for weddings and events. And with the heavy growth - means there's a lot more to choose from! Though this is usually a bonus, having such a large circle of suppliers to choose from, it can also be a little overwhelming. We've met with clients (and spoken with family and friends), who have not only applauded the variety of different suppliers they have come across when hunting for their big day but have also been left second-guessing whether they made the right decision, or even struggled to make a final decision after seeing so much choice.

It's important to not only see the variety of different suppliers that are out there but also to feel comfortable with what you've chosen. This is something we've been strong believers in ever since we started Perfect Planning Events LTD. Our attitude towards each and every event is to make it as unforgettable and stress-free as possible, and a lot of that comes from the planning beforehand.

Our complete event packages do exactly what they say on the tin - everything. We may not be able to send invitations for you or help you find the perfect dress (though, we can point you in the direction of some of our favourite bridal shops!), there's not a lot we can't do...

From consultation to creation, our team are dedicated to delivering a bespoke package that covers the entire event.

To begin with, we meet with our clients and get a full understanding of what they want. Some of our clients know exactly what they want to a T, whereas others have some elements were they're unsure. For the ones who know what they want, we make a note of everything and begin searching our trusted suppliers who help us make dreams a reality. For those who are unsure of certain elements, we make a note of those things and return to them at a later date with fully-fleshed out suggestions. We even offer professional suggestions for venues we have worked with before!

Once our clients have confirmed everything they want and how they want it, we begin creating a bespoke package that handles everything. Starting with hiring and ordering. We know how important it is to have everything available at the right date, which is why we get ahead of the game and contact any of our trusted suppliers and get the ball rolling as soon as possible. For things that we can do in-house, like lighting, sound and a variety of different decor and touches - we gather our team of specialists who liaise with the venue and work with our clients' requirements to create audio and visual setups that'll not only work with the venue structure but also tie in nicely with the clients desired outcome.

Amongst our long list of suppliers is a range of different caterers, DJs, function bands and even Marquee Hire companies, who have assisted us on a number of jobs countless times. All we need to know is what food you'd like, what sort of entertainment you're after and what sort of space you'd like to work with, and we'll come back with the best options for you - saving you all of the leg work. When it comes to set up on the big day itself, our team can transform your venue with your chosen aspects, setting up lighting, decor and more! We'll work continuously to your given requests and will take on board any last minute changes.

Our complete event package also includes an on-the-day-coordinator. We've raved about this particular service of ours a number of times and to a number of clients, because it's truly the best way have full control of the day without having to worry about anything. A member of the team will be available throughout your event to ensure things run smoothly whilst also working with the venue staff to complete any changeovers. This service is a favourite of ours as it allows our clients to relax and enjoy their big days with no worries, at all!

From top to bottom, we can handle everything when it comes to your event whilst making sure it's completely personal and stays true to your vision. To see what we can do for you, fill out one of our contact forms or email liz@perfectplanningevents.co.uk today.