Going Green at Your Event

29 Jan 2020

When it comes to planning an event, waste and clean-up is a huge factor that comes into play. Though, not always on the top of the list, the idea of waste and the clean-up afterwards eventually factors in and becomes a talking point. Yes, we know it may not be the most exciting thing to think about when planning an event, but it's definitely vital and needs a bit of consideration.

When beginning the planning process, not only do we offer our complete pack-down service, but we also like to understand each clients needs and requirements for their event. More so, now we find that we're working with customers who like to have as little waste as possible, opting for greener solutions when making decisions. This is a great step and we're always excited to make things as eco-friendly as possible.

Though we know not everyone finds this possible when thinking about their own event, there are so many ways to go greener. Today, we thought we'd share some of our tips for going green at your event!

Digital Invites

Saving paper is always a great step on going greener!

Digital invitations are a great way to have a beautiful-looking invite without using any paper at all. Your guests can receive their invites directly in their inbox; saving time and paper.

If you still would like a physical copy of your invitation, consider using a recycled card or paper option for printing.

Biodegradable Confetti

A lot of shops, both locally and online, now offer biodegradable confetti as an option, making it a great addition for any event! Confetti is not only part of wedding-traditions, but it's also great fun and works as a great prop for photographers.

Not only can you choose biodegradable at a shop, but you can also create your own! Simply gather some leaves and use a hole punch to create your very own (and very green!) confetti.

One Venue Fits All

With so many options to choose from, things can get extremely exciting when you're planning an event. It's not unknown for some events to take place in multiple venues, especially weddings; with some celebrating their reception at an alternate venue from their ceremony.

One way to be environmentally friendly is to choose one venue for all aspects of your event. A lot of venues are very versatile and offer transitions from one event portion to another, allowing you to customise each area to fit your needs. By having the entire event in one place, you'll be using less fuel as guests won't have to travel between two venues.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Reusable cutlery, cups and plate are not an unknown entity when it comes to planning an event. Some of our clients have opted for a strict reusable policy when it comes to their bar glasses, with our team washing and reusing glasses as each guest returns to them. By doing this, you're minimising the plastic you're bringing to your event!

And if you're thinking of a no-glass policy, or would prefer not to reuse everything, there are a lot of biodegradable cutlery, cups and plates out there available!

We Can Help

Whether you're choosing greener options or are unsure on where to start with your event planning, we can help!

We know that no two events are the same, which is why we work to bring something unforgettable to your big day. Get in touch today by filling out a contact form or email liz@perfectplanningevents.co.uk to begin building your bespoke package.