Food For A Summer Wedding

17 Jul 2019

Choosing the right food can be tricky...

It's no secret that guests love to tuck in when it comes to good food at an event and that hosts often worry about struggling to find the right caterer for their big day. But finding the right food for a summer event can be extra tricky! With the hot weather and summer sun hanging high there are a few extra things most caterers urge their hosts to think about.

Of course, all of this is down to personal preference...everything should be taken with a pinch of salt!

One of the most obvious ones is cheese boards and cheese stations. Though it goes great with wine and guests love to nibble on them (us included!), under the hot sun and without a cool place to store them, cheese boards are definitely a choice to look out for. Nobody wants a giant plate of melted cheese at their big day... and the smell that comes with is one we can all do without! Speaking of smells, it's generally a rule of thumb to not opt for any smelly foods when it comes to having an event on a hot day. This includes things like eggs and seafood. Though these are sometimes a hosts' first choices, when it's hot out the smells are only intensified and can cause some nose crinkling at the table.

Though they're great for cosy winters, hot soups are a general no-go when its a hot day. It may be one of the lighter options that go down a treat later on in the year, hot soups will not help guests stay comfortable as soup rises body temperatures and can induce sweating. Not a great look for a long summer event! On the opposing side of that, though BBQ ribs may seem like the perfect summer day food when you're at home with a water pistol - when it comes to weddings and events, this hands-on sticky option is not going to go down a treat with mess being made.

Foods that melt, like ice cream, chocolate, butter and even buttercream, are once that do not sit well under the sun. However, there's no denying that nothing beats ice cream on a hot day! Though ice cream can be refreshing and a craving for some on those hot days, it's important to ensure that you and your caterer have agreed on a cool space for the ice cream to sit.

Another one most caterers opt to avoid in the hotter months are salads that are strictly mayo-based. Tuna salad, potato salad and even coleslaw will all turn sour quickly in the heat and won't be something you, or your guests, will want to pick at. As an alternative, caterers may suggest serving salads that have an oil-based dressing! Or you could opt for a refreshing crunchy green salad as a light and hearty dish for you and your guests.

And finally, one of the drinks you should watch out for on a hotter day is anything fizzy! Though it can be refreshing, this bubbly choice comes with a few disadvantages. In the sunshine, fizzy soft drink can turn sticky and the sugar in each drink can attract pesky bugs at an outdoor venue. Be sure to offer more than just fizzy pop or cans full of bubbles, there are a variety of ways to make water, fruit juice and even cocktails just as fun and refreshing.

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