Coping With Pre-Wedding Stress

13 Nov 2019

For those nights when it is all a bit too much...

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, and those weeks building up to it are full of excitement, last-minute plans and the realization that it's all coming together. However, with all of that, it's only natural that there can be sometimes when it feels like all a little too much, with last-minute stresses and late-night thoughts slipping in. Planning such a big event takes time, commitment and a lot of effort, and when you're feeling a little blue about it all, it can be slightly disheartening. Here are some things that have helped us and our loved ones when they're dealing with the pre-wedding stress.

We love lists! And so does the everyday bride. Lists are the perfect visual checklist to see how far you've come since the beginning of planning your big day. We highly recommend writing a list for the big day, covering everything you want and need, at the beginning of the planning process and ticking off those that have been booked, paid for or completed as you go along. Not only is this great for keeping on top of things, but when you're feeling a bit overwhelmed it can be a great reminder of everything you have handled so far and help you stay back to see the things you need to get on top of. If you haven't written a list at the beginning of the planning process, you can write it at any moment and categorize the things you've already taken care of and the things you need to focus on.

Another great thing for pre-wedding stress is to step away from social media. We've spoken before about how social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are great planning resources, but how they can also cause slight difficulties and be a little overwhelming seeing what everyone else has had. It can sometimes be healthy to take a step back and focus on your own big day rather than everyone else's. Your wedding is meant to be personal and special, don't let social media think it should be any other way.

Build a support network. Weddings are shared with those who hold special places in your heart, who love and support you and your marriage. Whether it's your partner, group of hens, maid of honor or even your best friend who you haven't seen in a while - having a support network when you're getting married is a big deal! You can talk, share ideas and even have them take your mind off things when you're all wedding-ed out.

Visualizing your big day and remembering why you're doing it is a huge help when things are getting too much. It won't be long before you see everything come together, with the months, or maybe even years, of wedding planning finally coming to an end for that big moment. After browsing all your options and selecting the right ones for you, you'll be able to visualize the big day before it happens, which can be calming and reassuring. Weddings are all about love and the bond of two people coming together, and your big day shouldn't be any different! It'll all be worth it in the end.

Don't forget - it's common to get stressed or maybe even upset when it comes to planning something as big as a wedding. You are not alone in how you feel, and it won't last forever.

If you need that extra hand... We can offer hands-on advice when working with our clients and help ensure things run smoothly on the day with our on the day coordinator. Fill out a contact form or email to begin building your bespoke package today.