Collecting Cards Made Easy

18 Jun 2019

Why Choose A Post Box At Your Event?

From weddings to conferences, we've seen a large growth in people wanting post boxes at their events. Though we also offer our beloved traditional red post box to all of our clients who want something a little different, we are sometimes met with people unsure as to why a post box can be positive to their event. So, why choose a post box at your event?

When it comes to weddings, it's not unheard of for the happy couple to ask for vouchers or money from their guests. And though a gift table is always welcome, envelopes can sometimes be misplaced and forgotten. With our traditional post box, guests can deposit their well wishes, cards and small gifts into a secure space! It also means that guests don't have to chase down members of the bride or groom party to hand the goodies to them, a great time saver. For corporate events or conferences, our post box is a great way to collect feedback or suggestions, making it versatile for a range of different events.

Not only is our red post box a secure way for guests to deposit gifts, but it's also a great talking point! Though it can be decorated to fit your event, with twinkling fairy lights and personal touches, the traditional design is definitely a head-turner and makes for great photos, too.

Overall, post boxes at events act as safekeeping areas for those small important bits. There are already so many stresses and worries linked with throwing an event, so by hiring our traditional red post box - you can ensure things are kept safe in style, giving yourself one less worry!

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