Choosing The Perfect Date

26 Jun 2019

Locking In The Right Date For You

We may be biased when we say that wedding planning is exciting and fun! It's one of the reasons why we love doing what we do. Yet, there is one part of the planning that really kicks off the entire thing, and it's not the engagement. The date.

Once the date is chosen, everything gets a little more exciting - things can be booked, deposits can be paid and guests can even start looking at their outfit choices. But what about when you can't find the perfect date to tie the knot? After meeting with many happy couples from our client base and from friends and family, and delving deep (maybe a little too deep) into some wedding Facebook groups, we've thought of a few things that may help when choosing the right date for you and your partner.

To start with, couples should take a trip down memory lane at some of the dates that mean a lot to them. Whether it's the date of your first date for that extra sentimental feel or the date of your first trip together, couples all come with a suitcase full of happy memories and dates to choose from! Is there an important date that means a lot to you and your partner? Toy with the idea of this date being the date for the big day and see how you both feel.

Some couples may not want to use sentimental dates for their big day, which is fine! If that's the case, you and your partner need to decide on the following factor: indoor or outdoor ceremony. Whether you'd like to keep warm inside a ballroom or enjoy the sunshine in a field, it's important that this is established early on as the chosen date will impact this. If you're both feeling more of an indoor ceremony, your big day doesn't have to be a summer date, whereas if you'd like to soak up some rays and enjoy the long days then you'll want to opt for a summer wedding with a promising summer date. Choosing an indoor or outdoor ceremony also helps you choose the specific season, which inevitably helps you narrow down a date that feels good for you.

Another factor that is often overlooked when it comes to choosing a date is the honeymoon aspect. Some couples want to flee to their honeymoon straight after the ceremony while others prefer to wait and head to their chosen destination at a later date. If you and your partner are hoping to keep to the tradition of heading to your honeymoon once the party has ended, then you'll need to pick a date that coincides with your honeymoon choices. Not only for booking purposes, but also for weather purposes when you reach your destination.

Finally, think about how long you'd like to be engaged and enjoy your engagement period. Though wedding planning is fun and exciting, there is no rulebook to getting married - you can wait as long as you like! If you're not ready to begin wedding planning or saving, then simply wait. We have met with couples who have been engaged for months to couples who have been engaged for years. Everyone is different, and it's about what feels right for you and your partner.

Here at Perfect Planning Events LTD, we are strong believers in the 'it's more than just a date' rule. As event planners, we like to look at every possible aspect from weather to availability all the way through to venue choice, which is why we help our clients with their choice to pick the best date for them. And once that's locked in - things can start getting really exciting.

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