Choosing A DJ or Function Band

23 Oct 2019

Finding the right music for your big day...

Choosing the right music for your big day is a big deal! From first dances at weddings to hours worth of playlists at grand openings, music plays a pretty big role at a variety of different events! However, we've found that there is one common dilemma for some: choosing between a DJ or a live function band.

Over the years, we have worked with a number of different DJs and live bands, and have developed strong relationships with some of the best around us. We often utilise our long list of trusted entertainers for our clients' events, giving our clients a full breakdown of the different key points of each entertainment option, leaving them to make the decision. Both DJs and live bands offer unique elements and can bring a versatile range of music, but there are, of course, some large differences between the two...

So, how do you make the right choice for you?

DJs come in all shapes and sizes, with each DJ offering a different package. Some are designed for particular themes, some are designed to fit with smaller venues whereas others are completely bespoke and can be tailored to your venue size, audience size and be as interactive and immersive as you want. But the main selling point for most DJs is the ability to play whichever music you want! Though most of the music is chosen prior to the event at a consultation, most DJs are able to take requests throughout the night and can move around their playlists to fit the mood of the event, as they read the crowd throughout the event to see what everyone is enjoying.

Often, some think that DJs simply play a pre-chosen playlist on Spotify or on any streaming service and sometimes argue that they can simply plug and play their own playlists. Though the plug and play method works for some, the risk of buffering, unwelcome adverts and even awkward silences between each track can definitely throw the mood off. Having a DJ helps remove these risks, with your chosen DJ playing uninterrupted music all night long. As an added bonus, some DJs can even sync their lighting with the music to help pair everything together.

Unlike DJs, live bands don't come with a catalogue full of different music, but that doesn't make them any less entertaining! Though live bands have fewer songs to choose from (but still having a large amount!), it's always exciting when they take your favourites and make them their own. Live performers can make things feel passionate and really add some personality, with many offering themed acts, tribute acts and even acapella shows! We've even worked with some function bands who make their sound-tests interactive and funny to help tease the crowd for what's to come...

Live bands can also be interactive, alike DJs, and come with the costumes and props to help amp things up a bit. We've seen function bands performing the hockey cockey whilst in the crowd doing the dance alongside guests! Whereas DJs are interactive behind a deck, live bands are able to move around and give off a fun and exciting stage presence!

Overall, DJs and bands both offer unique qualities to each event and it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. Our long list of different entertainers, including DJs and function bands, may be the answer for you! We can give you a complete breakdown of each act and even arrange a consultation with your desired entertainers so you can get a feel for what they're offering.

And if you simply can't decide, we can help you choose how to utilise both!

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